Since its launch in the mid-1990s, the Transported After School Martial Arts program (TASMA) has been the gold standard of after-school programs. No other after-school program has had the longterm success that TASMA has.

Most Sensei struggle to make a living even after decades of teaching martial arts. It's difficult to attract and keep kids that hop from program to program. This is your opportunity to live your dream teaching Martial Arts 20 hours a week and making a great 6 figure income.

The TASMA Program is NOT a McDojo and it’s a NOT After School Care. The program instills leadership skills, martial arts training, fosters social skills and boosts confidence in kids aged 5-12yo.

We are already helping instructors prepare to open their own TASMA programs in 2019, so right now is the best time to contact us about your local area.

The Difference Between TASMA and Standard Martial Arts Classes

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TASMA has proven to create a higher income martial arts lifestyle.

Earn 3 - 6 Times the Tuition

Standard martial arts classes charge monthly. TASMA charges weekly.

Standard tuition $149 a month.

TASMA Tuition $79 x 4.33 = $342.07 a month.

Note: Some TASMA schools get up to $145 per week and $325 per week for summer camps.

The hours between 3 and 6 p.m. are the peak hours for juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex. (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2003)

Necessity vs Luxury

The market for standard martial arts is 2% of the population yet more than 26% of school-age children (15 million) are on their own after-school.

Like dance or gymnastics, standard martial arts classes are a luxury activity. Families do not have to do any of them so they are easy to walk away from.

In contrast, families do need to safely occupy their children after-school. That makes TASMA a necessity and not a luxury.

Teaching just one class a day with weekends off creates family time.

More Time with Family and Less Time in the School

Getting quality family time is difficult when you are teaching until 8 or 9pm all week and your weekends are filled with tournaments and belt exams.

The TASMA program can be run between 2pm and 6:30 Monday - Friday with weekends off.  That's less than 20 hours per week in the school.

You do not want to watch your friends retire while you are still teaching endless Little Dragons classes.

Best Chance for Comfortable Retirement

If, like most school owners, you plan to continue to do what you are currently doing, then you will get the results you're currently getting.

TASMA gives you a chance to break out of that cycle and create a high paying business that is in demand by many families.

Spend about 20 hours a week in the school. You have evenings and weekends off. Best of all, you're earning the highest per student tuition ever.


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